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How it all started...

By Stephanie

Karson and I met back in 2019 as freshman at the University of Arizona through our campus ministry, Reformed University Fellowship. Through RUF we knew each other in passing at game nights, pool parties, bible studies and other various college activities. It wasn't until late September of 2021 that Karson asked me on a date! For our first date we met at an ice cream shop on campus and both ordered milkshakes, which ended up being really really runny. But the soupy milkshakes didn't stop us from having a nice afternoon enjoying each others company. This first date sparked many more dates, which we used to call our Tuesday Day Dates. These often consisted of yummy snacks and long talks getting to know each other.  It wasn't until November 13th that we officially became boyfriend and girlfriend! 

In January of 2022, Karson started an internship with Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. This meant we needed to go long distance for the next five months. Our time apart helped us think of creative and fun ways to date early on in our relationship. We planned movie nights with dinner, game nights, craft dates, etc. all virtually! Before we knew it, the five months had passed and we were very excited to be together in the Phoenix area for summer. 

From there we continued to grow together as a couple exploring new places, trying new activities, and deepening our connection. We hiked through scenic trails, browsed many a thrift store, and shared our love for food through cooking and discovering new restaurants together. Every adventure brought us closer, and we cherished the memories we were creating. Little did I know that Karson had something special planned for our future...

The Proposal

By Karson

This is the story of how I managed to pull off the proposal of a lifetime for the woman I hold dearer than words can express: Stephanie.

Months before, armed with notes from our ring-shopping adventures and Steph's Pinterest board, I made my choice, confident that I had found the one—both in terms of the ring and the woman who would soon wear it. However, creating an unforgettable proposal required more than just a sparkly token. I needed an elaborate plan, one that would take Stephanie by surprise while keeping her none the wiser. Under the guise of an industry networking dinner, I set the stage for the evening weeks in advance. Excuses, white lies, and fake emails were carefully crafted to convince Stephanie to dress up for this "dinner" without raising suspicion.

Of course, I couldn't pull off this intricate web of deception alone. I enlisted the help of a few friends, who bravely volunteered to run interference and ensure that nothing would spoil the surprise. They were armed with information, acting as covert agents in the days leading up to the proposal, deflecting Stephanie's curious inquiries with the skill of seasoned spies. Their dedication and commitment to the cause were nothing short of inspiring. 

But as with any good story, there was a moment when everything nearly unraveled. A close call that could have sent months of careful planning spiraling into chaos. Someone revealed to Steph that they hadn't heard about any networking dinner. Thankfully, due to some quick thinking on my part, and a few calls to my confidants, it was quickly resolved.

Finally, the day arrived, and as I walked Stephanie down the steps of the exquisite Starr Pass Marriot in Tucson, I couldn't help but marvel at the stunning sunset painting the sky in shades of gold and pink.  Down by the pool, we paused by a bench overlooking the vast expanse of the golf course, the air filled with anticipation and a touch of nervousness. I convinced Stephanie that it was the perfect spot to capture a few pictures, blissfully unaware that it would soon become the stage for a life-altering event.

And then, in that moment, with my heart pounding in my chest, I dropped to one knee and popped the question. Time stood still as Stephanie's her radiant smile illuminated the world around us. In that instant, she said yes, sealing our fate with a resounding affirmation of our love.

Thanks to Sunglow Photo + Film for the photos!